Why do dogs like to escape?

Having a dog that escapes is extremely annoying. It can be a source of endless frustration when you come home to find that they have yet again broken out of their pen.  We go over the top reasons why your dog gets out in the first place.

Females in heat

Another common cause of leakage is that there is a female in heat that gives off a characteristic smell, detected by the males at long distances. The dog will jump through any obstacle to satisfy his sexual instinct. This is the most frequent cause of dogs getting out . The solution for these cases is to neuter them, which in addition, in males will avoid prostate problems.

Wrong education

Escapes may also be due to just plain old disobedience, the result of improper education and the establishment of inadequate control.

Once the dog has escaped, wait patiently. To correct this, a dynamic must be established, in which the leader of the pack is the owner (you). To do this, you must ensure that the owner enters and exits first through the door or give orders before getting what he wants. It is not advisable to lock up the dog , because it can cause a state of anxiety and nervousness.

A common situation, which creates headaches for many dog ​​owners, is for the animal to ignore the owner during the walk. For many dog ​​owners, the moment of recreation and relaxation with their animal becomes stressful.


When the dog is intended to run and run in the opposite direction, it is not necessary to go after it to catch it, because the effect will be the opposite. That is, the dog will run away even more. Ideally, the animal should follow its owner and not vice versa. When the animal perceives that you are the boss they will be more likely to follow.

Positive reinforcement

The positive stimulus works once more to educate and correct bad habits in the dog. Whenever the animal comes when called without problems, we must congratulate him. In this way, he will understand what is expected of him. Incorrect behaviors do not change from one day to another. It will take time, patience and persistence to really make lasting change.

The dog has escaped

Once the dog has escaped we have to wait for him with patience, and call him so that when he returns he will find us. If you spend too much time and do not show up, you must give notice to the police, protective societies and veterinary clinics.  It is very important, as well as mandatory, that the animal be identified with a microchip, and more if there is a tendency to escape. You can also place a note in the collar with your phone number to be guaranteed to recover it in case of loss.

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